Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting Begins
  1. James Vayo welcomes the attendee’s and introduces Keith to give an update on Visualize Nashua’s activity over the last month.
  2. Keith recaps the Happy Hour, Creative Communities Conference
  3. Keith Demonstrates the location of sharing buttons on the Visualize Nashua Web Page, the Visualize Nashua Facebook Group, & the Franklin Street Mill Building Uses Poll
  4. James Recaps the Critical Mass Bicycle Ride, How it works, & Invites people to join the Next Ride on May 25th (5:30pm at the Visualize Nashua Office)
  • Introductions from the Visualizers
  1. James Vayo – Assistant Project Manager for Renaissance Downtowns: Wants to make downtown Nashua an even stronger place, make the city his home.
  2. Keith Sarasin – Community Liaison for Visualize Nashua: Wants to help facilitate vitality in downtown Nashua.
  3. Tom Lopez – Nashua Soup Kitchen: Is a walker in downtown
  4. Manny Ramirez – Positive Street Art: Artists who wish
  5. Simone Rios – Union Leader Reported: Writing an Article
  6. Kagen Weeks -Local Bee Keeper: Wants to sell Mead from a local cafe
  7. Dan Duquette – Nashua Community College Student: Loves Downtown
  8. Michelle Crouch – Neighborworks Greater Manchester: June 2nd Clean Up Temple Street
  9. Carly Rose & William White – Greater Downtown Resident: Mass. transplants Love walking to downtown from home, find the crowd sourcing idea interesting and want to be involved in the community gardens.
  10. Faith Kennedy – Home Depot Community Projects Coordinator: Saturday morning will be the last day for volunteering with the wheelchair ramp construction in conjunction with Habitat.
  11. Justin Scadoa – Nashua Native: Moved back to the city and wants to make it his permanent home.
  12. Tom Galligani – Economic Development Director City of Nashua: Wants to ensure Nashua sustains a positive momentum.
  13. Homa Jaferey – Longtime Nashua Resident: Wants to see vibrant downtown
  • Bridge Street Update
  1. James Vayo provides a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the shift in phasing for the Bridge Street Master plan. Phase One of the project will be taking place along the eastern portion of the site.
  2. James announces the Riverfront Promenade is only a handful of likes away from reaching its goal of 75 likes from the community for renaissance to commit to a feasibility study
  • Local Campaign Update (15 min)
  1. Keith  announces the Farmer’s Dinner will be held at Saffron Bistro on the 17th of June (father’s day). The menu will be sourced locally and the farmers of the Nashua area will be invited out for a discussion which will in turn be education for the downtown community
  2. Keith announces the Farmers’ Market will be opening on June 3rd, Visualize Nashua is working with the market to ensure there are opportunities for New Vendors to join the market
  3. Keith informs everyone the Going Local Campaign Deadline for the Carrot Mob event is May 15th. Currently the farmers market is in the lead but there is still time for people to add their ideas to the web page and campaign for votes in order to beat out the farmers market if they can build more support.
  • Franklin St Mill Updates (10  min)
  1. James Reviews the proposed uses to date for the Franklin Street Mill and announces a threshold of 35 votes for any one given idea for the Mill in order to initiate a signup list for space. Once enough people have signed up as having interest in leasing space to fill the floor plate of the east wing then Visualize Nashua will approach the owner of the building about providing a cost per square foot for fitting up a floor plate in the east wing of the mill.
  • Breakout Groups & Meeting Wrap up
  1. Franklin Street Mill
    1.                                                                           i.      The group identified key community members to engage in order to drum up interest in the mill building, grow the crowd of interested parties. Visualize Nashua will be reaching out to Tom Galligani Commercial Real Estate Brokers about sharing information about the space with startups that approach them. Also that the arts commission should be approached about garnering interest in themed art symposium revolving around creating a buzz and interest in the building.
    2. Farmers Market & Dinner
      1.                                                                           i.      Determined there are gaps in the variety of the market which can be filled. The Group worked together to identify some of the addition to bring more vitality to the market. Some of the ideas included offerings of herbs, fudge, ice cream, ciders and juices. They believe having unique events & classes, such as tastings, cooking lessons, instruction in gardening, and other demonstrations will also draw additional interest from the community at large.