Visualize Nashua is an initiative to provide the people of Nashua a voice in what gets built in the greater downtown, resulting in creative and inspiring destinations that are economically, socially and environmentally (triple-bottom-line) beneficial.

In this community-driven approach to shaping the places we live, work and play in, known as crowdsourced placemaking, you are encouraged to:

1. Collaborate with others to make Nashua’s greater downtown even more vibrant.
2. Become a member of this site to propose, vote/’Like’, and campaign for the ideas you like.
3. Participate in meetups that happen at least monthly.
4. Share your thoughts by posting in the discussion threads associated with each idea.
5. Learn about “crowdsourced placemaking” and how it will revitalize our downtown.

The goal for this crowdsourced placemaking community is to establish itself as a valued partner in making major decisions regarding significant downtown investments. Renaissance Downtowns has even agreed to a Triple-Bottom-Line Statement and Crowdsourced Placemaking Agreement with the residents of Nashua to ensure their commitment to this vision and process.

How do we make this happen?
Members create an account on and then are able to post ideas for prospective public/retail/residential amenities for greater downtown Nashua, including the central downtown and the Bridge Street Site. Some of the ideas have been local-minded restaurants, affordable housing downtown, a commuter rail from Boston to Nashua, a Riverfront Promenade, etc. These ideas need a certain amount of likes on our website to initiate a feasibility study that determines the requirements for implementation.

How can I participate?
Share your ideas and comments by posting them to
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
Join us for monthly meet-ups to stay current on what’s happening at Visualize Nashua.