Campaigns are what drive Visualize Nashua, are what turn ideas into reality.

There are presently four campaigns going on right now:

Franklin St. Mill Building Campaign – This campaign is under development, so we can use your involvement now to identify the number of Likes and deadline needed to make something happen!

Riverfront Promenade Campaign – We know you’d like to experience this public destination sooner than later, and to do so, we need to show public support for the Riverfront Promenade as consideration for earlier phasing by getting 75 ‘Likes here to trigger a feasibility study for implementation.

Going Local Campaign – We’re building a vibrant local culture and economy. We’re invested in our community, supporting homegrown talent and food, and nurturing a distinctive, authentic culture that says Nashua is where it’s at. The next deadline is May 8, 2012 to submit ideas to win crowd support (via spending $) for your idea!

Greater Downtown Housing Campaign – In order to secure financing to build attainably-priced, green housing in the downtown or on the Bridge St. site, there needs to be evidence of such demand, with 400 Likes over all residential types by September 30, 2012.