Nashua has great trails for recreational bike riding but lacks an intergrated infrastructure of bike lanes, bike sharing, bike stations, and a regional approach to the interconnection of bike routes. (I.E. Hudson has a master bike plan and route map) Nashua could create a similar document (as Hudson’s) to promote bike commuting.

This idea needs a champion, someone who has a sharp wittyness about them and strikingly good looks (Because they are fit from riding bikes all the time!). If you would like to promote the creation of safe accessable bike routes and facilities in the City of Nashua please adopt this idea as your own and campaign to get others to like this idea. The first two downtown public ammenity ideas that get to 200 likes get a feasablity study/promotion by Renaissance Downtowns to help the idea grow and build support for action!

Here are some great videos and informational bits about the progress of biking in cities…

Copenhagen Bike Revolution (video): (10 min)

Ottawa Cycling Network (video): (5min)

Complete Streets Informational Brochure (PDF):

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