Let’s use the potential opportunity of a one-year lease (potentially renewable) of the large 10,000 s.f. open space in the Franklin Street Mill Building as a music/entertainment venue in the evenings and a flea market during the day time.

It is sitting vacant right now so the rent would be very reasonable, as the developer is extremely interested in supporting this idea as a means of establishing a sense of community in the area. This may be an opportunity for Studio 99 to put on larger performances on the weekends, drawing in larger crowds (150+) and maybe even larger bands.

What if we could hold comedy nights too, we may be able to get some great comedians in Nashua? The Londonderry flea market closes in October, maybe they could open in the winter-time inside this big open space.

Let’s test it out with these opportunities now and build a community that wants to support excitement in this section of downtown! This idea is up for adoption.

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