It’s time for the Going Local Campaign Summer Edition!

June 11th 2012 – August 31st 2012

You can participate in the Summer Going Local Campaign in two steps!

1. ‘Like’ ideas on the ‘Going Local voting page‘. The most Liked idea with a Champion* will be planned as a VizNash Mob** event.

2. Be part of the summer VizNash Mob!

*Champion – Someone willing to be in charge of implementation, given the necessary support to do so. You can volunteer to be an idea’s champion by commenting on it.
**VizNash Mob – a Visualize Nashua crowd ‘mobs’ a deserving business for a few hours providing financial and marketing support. Learn more here.

You can even submit your own ideas. Just email Keith at [email protected] to make sure you’re on the voting page!


To get an idea what our Going Local Campaign is all about, read our Going Local Manifesto:

We’re building a vibrant local culture and economy. We’re invested in our community, supporting homegrown talent and food, and nurturing a distinctive, authentic culture that says Nashua is where it’s at.

We’re celebrating the best of our artists and cultural experiences to foster an exciting creative culture; and the best of our entrepreneurs and businesses to grow an innovative local economy.

Whether it’s a farm-to-table restaurant, a marketplace and farmers market, a community garden, an open-mic night or a coworking space for startups and freelancers, we’ll develop the next generation of local in Nashua and establish an incredible sense of community and collaboration while doing it!

Check out what’s happening in the going local movement across the country: 

Start-Ups Look for a Shortcut From Farm to Table, Wall Street Journal
2011 Survey Results: A Decent Year for Indie Business Overall, The American Independent Business Alliance
Don’t Subsidize Big Boxes at Local Shops’ Expense, Business Week
Locals have 4x economic impact over nationals, Cooltown Studios

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Winter Campaign: The Farm-to-Table Dinner Celebrating Farmers for attracting the most votes in our Winter Edition! The Dinner is set for June 17th at Saffron Bistro in Nashua.

Spring Campaign: The Year Round Farmer’s Market. We will be organizing a Carrot Mob for July 22nd to show support to the Farmer’s Market on Main St.