Visualize Nashua isn’t just about coming up with ideas, it’s about implementing the ideas we want to see happen. How does an idea become reality? Here are the steps:

Step 1. Explore the ideas on this site.
Step 2. Register to ‘Like’, comment on, or propose an idea.
Step 3. Advocate for your favorite ideas to reach certain numbers of ‘Likes’ that lead toward implementation.

There are two ways that ‘Liking’ ideas leads toward implementation.

#1. Ongoing Feasibility Studies

Renaissance Downtowns has committed to the following “Like” goals that we must reach in order for them to invest in feasibility studies for implementation:

– 150 “likes” for up to 2 public amenity ideas in the downtown will result in a feasibility study
– 75 “likes” for up to 3 retail ideas in the downtown will result in a feasibility study

Bridge Street Site
– 75 “likes” for up to 2 public amenity ideas on the Bridge Street Site will result in a feasibility study
– 50 “likes” for up to 3 retail ideas on the Bridge Street Site will result in a feasibility study

Once they’ve completed the feasibility studies, and if the idea is financially feasible, they’ll provide a new threshold of Likes that provides evidence of the market support needed to secure financing.

#2. Campaigns

Campaigns have finite deadlines and finite goals with a sponsor to implement them. You can keep track of all current campaigns via the ‘Campaigns’ link at the top of this website.